Poster Session

Poster session at the Festival of Data

International Data Week 2023 will host the SciDataCon and Research Data Alliance onsite poster session.
The poster session will provide an opportunity to share ideas, ongoing research, and accomplishments with data professionals from around the globe in the context of International Data Week 2023. Presenting a poster is a good way to engage in in-depth discussions about the presented work from which new ideas and solutions can emerge and initiate conversation with conference attendees interested in the same area.

Format and time:

IDW 2023 poster session will be held via in-person format only, meaning that all posters will be presented at the Salzburg Congress venue on Tuesday, 24th October 2023 at 17:15 UTC. No virtual poster session is planned and won’t be available on Whova platform. 

SciDataCon 2023 and RDA’s 21st Plenary Meeting Posters:

SciDataCon 2023 poster details can be found at SciDataCon2023Posters. List of posters accepted for SciDataCon 2023 will be published soon.
RDA 21st Plenary list of  accepted posters can be viewed at RDA21PlenaryPosters.

Poster registration:

All accepted posters are part of IDW 2023. Participation at IDW 2023 is subject to registration fees (IDW 2023 registration is open ⇒ REGISTER). No additional charges apply to present your poster.