Visa Requirements

From September 1st, 2021, visa-free foreign visitors need an approved K-ETA (Korea Electronic Travel Authorisation) to enter Korea. Please refer to the K-ETA website to know if you are eligible to apply. For more information about visa requirements by country, visit the Korea Visa Portal.

COVID-19 Cases & Vaccination in Korea

Please refer to the official Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency’s dedicated website for detailed information on COVID-19 cases and statistics. More than 80 percent of the South Korean population have been fully vaccinated and more than 30 percent have received booster shots. Check the latest updates on COVID-19 vaccination in Korea here or here.

COVID-19 and Health Requirements

Quarantine regulations: All inbound travellers are required to quarantine themselves upon their arrival in Korea for 10 days. Short-Term Visitors (non-residents) must serve the quarantine at a designated government facility at their own cost (KRW 1,500,000 per person). Only the following travellers can be exempted from quarantine:

  • A-1, A-2 and A-3 visa holders with negative test results from COVID-19 diagnostic testing
  • Travellers who enter Korea via Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) from Singapore.
  • Travellers who have a Quarantine Exemption Certificate issued by the relevant ROK Embassy or Consulate prior to the trip for important business, academic public interest, official purposes, and attendance of funeral.

Note: Until February 3rd, 2022, all incoming travellers (including those with a quarantine exemption certificate) regardless of nationality and vaccination status must undergo a 10-day quarantine period starting on the date of entry (exception: Korea-Singapore VTL travellers) due to the confirmation of Omicron variant cases in Korea.

Information on this page is provided for reference only; we strongly advise attendees to personally check entry and visa requirements before making travel arrangements. For the latest information on traveling to Korea, please check with your airlines and the relevant ROK embassy/consulate in your home country. For more information about COVID-19 developments in Korea and related policies, please refer to the official Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency website.


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