IDW18: Sessions Announced

IDW 2018 combines the 12th RDA Plenary Meeting , the biannual meeting of this international member organisation working to develop and support global infrastructure facilitating data sharing and re-use, and SciDataCon 2018 , the scientific conference addressing the frontiers of data in research.  

SciDataCon 2018: IDW18 Approved Sessions 

We are pleased to announce that the SciDatraCon2018 call for sessions is now closed, and the following sessions have been reviewed and approved: 

  • 124 Skills-development in an increasingly data-driven science environment: an African perspective - Ina Smith
  • 125 Metadata for 2020 and Beyond: Collaborative approaches to advancing metadata - Clare Dean
  • 127 Designing inclusive capacity development for those engaging with Agriculture and Nutrition data - Alan Stanley
  • 129 Issues and best practices for data stewardship: recommendations for African countries and institutions - Kgomotso Moahi
  • 131 Open data, open science in Agriculture and Nutrition a Case for Developing Countries - Irene Wambui Kimani
  • 133 Frameworks for Agricultural Data Production and Education in Africa - The Role of the Data Revolution - Kiringai Kamau
  • 135 Agriculture Data and Citizens in the African Open Research Data Space - Boniface Okelo Akuku
  • 136 The Role of the Marginalised in Open Data Driven Innovation - Obwaya Mogire
  • 137 Visualization and Pattern Recognition Techniques for Understanding - Data Wafula Muliaro
  • 139 Data for Effective Humanitarian Decision-Making: Challenges and Opportunities - Tefera Darge Delbiso
  • 149 Improving Data Repository Trustworthiness - Robert R Downs
  • 150 Issues in the Relationships of Upstream Research Data to Downstream Innovation - Paul Uhlir
  • 151 Building, managing and maintaining data and knowledge-sharing ecosystems for medium-sized research centres - Wiebke Toussaint
  • 157 International Sanctions and Open Data: Overcoming Problematic Legacies - Louise Bezuidenhout
  • 158 Measuring the Impact of Data Citation Practices in Research - Anwar Vahed
  • 160 African Data Centres: Challenges and Opportunities - Alex M. de Sherbinin
  • 162 Exploring Benefits (and Challenges) of a More Holistic Approach to Research Outputs - Martin Donnelly
  • 164 Scientific Data Challenges for Sustainable Development -Sandy P Harrison
  • 166 Data Revolution for Local Impact – Data Policy and Innovation Use Cases from Tanzania Zaituni - Anthony Kaijage
  • 170 Multi-disciplinary data infrastructure for South African Research - Dale Peters
  • 171 Open Research Data in Health and Population Research - Kobus Herbst
  • 178 The Role of Early Career Researchers and Scientists in the Data Revolution - Alice Frémand
  • 180 Biodiversity Data Management Safeguarding Species by 2040 - Raymond Katebaka
  • 181 Motivations and recognition for good data stewardship - Marta Teperek
  • 182 Research Data in the Arts and Humanities – Requirements, Needs, and Perspectives of Research Data and Research Infrastructures in the Digital Humanities - Jan Brase
  • 183 Research data services on campus - Strategies, needs and experience at universities - Jan Brase
  • 187 Applications and utilization of data in understanding the effect of changing weather and a warming climate over Africa - Mary-Jane Morongwa Bopape
  • 188 Indigenous Data Sovereignty: Science, Research, and the Governance of Indigenous Data - Stephanie Carroll Rainie
  • 190 From Data to Knowledge: A Policy Perspective - Paul Uhlir
  • 191 Harnessing the power of the digital revolution: Data- and computation-driven research for Environmental Hazards - Carolynne Hultquist
  • 192 Communal Data Access and Management - Tyng-Ruey Chuang
  • 195 African perceptions of Open Science Amel Ghouila
  • 196 Democratising Data Publishing: A Global Perspective - Chris Armit
  • 197 Transboundary Data Sharing for Natural Resources Management in Africa and Elsewhere Monica - Sue Morrison
  • 202 Open Land Data Platforms: applications, progress and challenges - Mercy Mwanikah Ojoyi
  • 203 Big Data Challenges in the Biomedical field - Nicky Mulder
  • 206 Data Science and Data Analysis – Health Research Data - Kagiso Ndlovu
  • 207 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Data at the Subnational Level - Nicholas Weber
  • 208 Repositories: Are we serving our scientists? Cross-learnings from multiple disciplines - Elaine M. Faustman
  • 210 Preservation of personal biodiversity data collections - Mosepele Boiditswe
  • 211 Citizen Science Data – from Collection to Curation to Management - Alex M. de Sherbinin
  • 212 Data Transport for the Long Neck of Research - Tiwonge Msulira Banda
  • 213 Libraries' Application of Data Intelligence - Wouter Klapwijk
  • 214 Cross disciplinary drone data: challenges and opportunities - Jane Wyngaard
  • 215 New and Emerging Technologies in Agriculture - Lindsay Barbieri
  • 219 Counting People to Leave No One Behind: Why we need a data revolution - Bill Anderson
  • 221 An Action Plan for Agriculture and Nutrition Open Data in Africa - Muchiri Nyaggah
  • 222 Health Databases across the African Continent: What do we have and what do we need for Sustainable Development? - Claudia I. Emerson
  • 223 Data interoperability in chemistry, biology, and crystallography: Enabling multidisciplinary solutions to societal challenges - Ian Bruno
  • 224 Using Data to Connect Resources to Results for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - Jennifer D Turner
  • 225 Data Librarianship: Bridging the Gap between Educational Provision and Workforce Requirements - Armin Straube
  • 226 Learning to build cultural practices for sharing data and knowledge inside the academy and beyond - Mark Parsons
  • 229 Turning FAIR Data Into Reality: discussion, critique and implementation - Simon Hodson
  • 230 Dialogue and Coordination Between National Statistical Offices and University Research Data Repositories in Developing Countries - Samuel Kobina Annim
  • 232 Data Integration for Science - a major global challenge for interdisciplinary research - Simon Hodson
  • 235 The African Universities Response to the Challenges of the Data Revolution - Margareth Gfrerer
  • 236 Data Science for CyberSecurity - Vukosi Marivate
  • 237 Data for Good: Moving beyond data - Vukosi Marivate
  • 238 The impact of data revolution on science and technology education and research in Africa: the perspective of bioinformatics - Faisal Mohamed Fadlelmola
  • 242 Visualization and Exploration tools for unconventional datasets - Suresh Vannan
  • 243 Data Skills Initiatives With Links to the Global South - Sarah Jones
  • 244 Sharing lessons on data science teaching techniques, methods and materials - Hugh Shanahan
  • 245 Challenges in Achieving Legal Interoperability of Research Data - Robert Chen
  • 246 Global Platform(s) on Big Data in Agriculture - Elizabeth Leake
  • 247 Spatial Data for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Africa - Alex M. de Sherbinin
  • 249 Building Efficient Capacity for Resilience and Sustainable Development Through Community and Collaborative Data Collection and Sharing - Komlan Richard Folly
  • 251 Space-Based Earth Observation Data and Application for Development - Kofi Asare
  • 252 Delivering a Global Open Science Commons - Simon Hodson
  • 256 From Galaxies to The Global Goals: using Data Skills for Development - Kevin Govender
  • 258 Ethics and the Power of Data in Global Health: Specifying Our Obligations - Claudia I Emerson
  • 260 Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Discovery: A DATA Perspective Steve - Jonathan Brewer
  • 262 Open Data from Cell Biology of Infectious Pathogens, how far are we? - Augustina Frimpong
  • 264 General Submissions - Mustapha Mokrane 

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Abstracts for papers and posters can be submitted on the SciDataCon website at: 

RDA 12th Plenary: IDW18 call for sessions to be announced 

The RDA call for sessions applications will open in May 2018. Watch this space for relevant announcements. 

Key dates: 

  • 14 May 2018: RDA call for sessions applications opens 
  • 29 June 2018 (midnight UTC): RDA call for sessions applications closes
  • 7 August 2018: Notification of acceptance for RDA sessions 
  • 9 August 2018: Final RDA session programme published